The re-creators of "Marathon 33" must have thought, "We've hit the jackpot!" when they cast Heidi Friese to play their youthful June Havoc.
Tome Cousin and Peter Gregus have adapted the play by Ms. Havoc that tells of her experiences as a neophyte dance marathoner after her days as vaudeville headliner Baby June. In this first full production of their vision, presented with the Point Park University Conservatory Theatre Company, the diminutive Ms. Friese has a Shirley Temple flair and exudes the desperation and determination of a survivor. 
                                                                                  -Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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"Heidi Friese is a knockout in Chameleon Girls, her tribute to Marilyn Monroe and Madonna." 

                                                                                     -Calgary Sun

"If there’s any chemistry and soul in Flashdance, it comes late, from Jimmy and his girlfriend Gloria (Heidi Friese), who actually find a human connection..."    

                                                                                          -Calgary Herald     

"The consistent expressions offered by Heidi Friese (Gloria),  really kept my attention  even when the chemistry of the others fell flat..."  



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"Heidi Friese as Oksana Baiul and others also impresses. Her voice is great, her dancing spectacular, and is a tiny little spitfire of energy.

- Mateo Moreno, The Artswire Weekly

"Heidi Friese not only was a brilliant dancer as well, she was a dead-on wringer for Ukrainian ice princess Oksana Baiul. Almost terrifyingly so." 

- Michael Block, Theater In The Now